Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jennings Really did Win in Fl-13

"We estimate that, had Sarasota used a ballot format akin to those in neighboring counties, Jennings would have beaten Buchanan. Indeed, our ballot-level analysis leaves virtually no doubt that the excess undervote would have broken in Jennings favor in a manner that would have easily reversed the certified election outcome."
-- Dr. Michael Herron, Dartmouth

In "She was Robbed" Wayne Garcia of Creative Loafing explains that Christine Jennings' continuing battle to reach closure in the Congressional Race in FL-13 is really about the integrity of the voting system.
Earlier this month, a task force of the House Committee on Administration voted 2-1 along party lines to ask the Government Accountability Office to undertake a full investigation of the House 13 election. Here is the press release:

Immediate Release Contact: J.R. Crump
May 2, 2007 (202) 226-3355

(Washington, DC) The Committee on House Administration's (CHA) Task Force on Florida's 13th Congressional District met today for the first time since it was established, and agreed to investigate the disputed election in that district, calling on the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office to assist in the inquiry. Task Force Chair Charles A. Gonzalez (D-TX) presided over the meeting, joined by Task Force members Reps. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

After discussion of the merits of moving forward to review the disputed election, the Task Force voted to investigate the matter. Rep. Zoe Lofgren then moved "that the Chairman be authorized and directed to secure the assistance of the Government Accountability Office, which shall be requested to design and propose testing protocols to determine the reliability of the equipment used in the FL-13 election, taking into account recommendations by the contestant and contestee. The Task Force shall approve any testing protocols prior to execution by the GAO. The GAO may procure such expertise and assistance from governmental or non-governmental experts and entities as it deems necessary, and shall report its findings to the Task Force." The Task Force adopted the motion unanimously.

CHA established the Task Force to review the disputed election between Christine Jennings (D) and Rep. Vern Buchanan (R), who was sworn in as the winner of the race in January. The Task Force had delayed action for some time in anticipation of further developments in the Florida courts. However, an appeal of a procedural motion has been pending in the courts for several months, and the Task Force concluded that further delay was not warranted.

and now this in Computerworld May 16, 2007:
Worm attacked voter database in notorious Florida district
The computer database infrastructure of Sarasota County, Fla., was attacked by a notorious Internet worm on the first day of early voting during the 2006 election, which featured the now-contested U.S. House race between Democrat Christine Jennings and Republican Vern Buchanan in Florida's 13th Congressional district.
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