Friday, October 2, 2009

Tampa Rays Humiliate Yankee Pitcher CC Sabathia and End His Season at 19

Sabathia's final start Friday was one of the worst of his career. With a chance to earn his 20th victory, Sabathia fell flat on a night that belonged to B. J. Upton, who hit for the cycle in a 13-4 rout by the Tampa Bay Rays.

BJ Upton had a double, triple and home run to take the Rays to 11 runs in the 4th.
The Yankee pre-game hype was loud:
Tonight, back in Tampa, CC Sabathia has the chance to become a 20-game winner for the first time.

Well, not only did the tubby pitcher fail to win, he was pulled in the 3rd inning as the Tampa Bay Rays got hits, walks and RBIs.

Bye Bye bad sport, glove thrower Sabathia.

You break Carlos' fingers; the Rays remember. The best way to show we remember is to beat you at the plate. Rays are one team.

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