Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Man, Matt Garza, Puts Jobo the JellyBrain Yankee on Notice

Photo: Matt Garza, ALCS MVP-2008.

Rays pitcher Matt Garza was fined but not suspended for implying he hit Mark Teixeira with a pitch Wednesday as retaliation for the Yankees brushing back (and hitting) Evan Longoria during the series.

Joba Chamberlain threw over Longoria's head in the fourth inning. An inning later, Garza hit Teixeira and said postgame:
"It's about time someone made a statement. I hate to be that guy, but someone had to take a stand and say, 'You know, we're tired of it.' You can go after our best guy. Well, we'll make some noise, too, and that's what happened."

The fine's amount was undisclosed, and Garza declined comment.

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