Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tampa Tribune Prints Paid Flackery by Mike Foerster about Buddy Johnson [R-Supervisor of Ellections, Hillsborough County]

Tax-payers pay for Buddy Johnson's Positive PR by a former official from Hillsborough county government. Buddy Johnson [R] is Hillsborough County Election Supervisor--originally appointed by Jeb Bush.
The Tampa Tribune failed to distinguish between opinon and paid flackery.
. The SPT reports: A newspaper opinion piece by Mike Foerster, former Hillsborough county communications director, suggested people ought to quit picking on Hillsborough Elections Supervisor Buddy Johnson and let him do his job educating voters.The author, Mike Foerster, didn't mention that he is not merely [a retired longtime government official. He's a consultant being paid $75 an hour by Johnson's office for communications and public relations services under contracts that began almost a year and a half ago.
Buddy Johnsons has been recently in the news for using loopholes to avoid property tax.

[This Dim Disinformation Double Dip Mimics Bush].

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