Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Buddy Johnson [R], Supervisor of Elections in Hillsborough, Spends Tax $$$ in Extravagant Self-Promotion .

How dare they call us Rent-A-Cows?
Only a tax dodge would be such a louse!
Farmer Buddy's got enough to do
Not blowing an election—now that ain't just saying moo.
--from "Greenbelt Acres, the place to be tax free," by Sue Carlton.

Supervisor of Elections Buddy Johnson said he hired a public relations firm to help teach people how to vote, but judging by early returns, the firm is more focused on promoting Johnson's re-election bid.

Consider the recent e-mails sent out by Jennifer Marks, whose firm is receiving $40,000 in taxpayer funds to "educate voters."..Johnson has developed a reputation for extravagance in spending the public's money, even as he seeks to cut his own tax bill by allowing some cows to graze on his property.

Given Buddy's expertise in avoiding his taxes at "Greenbelt Acres" he ought to consider running against Rob Turner for for tax appraiser.

For honest alternatives to Bumbling Buddy Johnson vote Lee Nelson [D] or Phyllis Busansky [D].

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