Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Patricia Kemp for Hillsborough DEC CHair

In addition to Michael Steinburg Pat Kemp has declared as candidate for HCDEC Chair.

Patricia Kemp

Dear Members of the HCDEC:

I am offering my name for the position of Chair of the HCDEC. As you all know, this is a critical time for us. It is also time of great opportunity for the HCDEC to build a renewed and energized Democratic Party in Hillsborough County for the 2008 election and for our future.

The greatest strength of the HCDEC will always be our people power. Democrats are working hard to bring the Democratic message throughout Hillsborough County. I am energized and inspired by the Democratic groups and caucuses that are organizing their neighborhoods, friends, and communities by knocking on doors, calling, emailing and blogging our Democratic message.

The East Hillsborough Democrats, Northwest Democrats, GLBTA, the Black and Hispanic Caucuses, New Tampa Democrats, Young Democrats, South Tampa Democrats, South Shore Democrats, Democratic Women's Club, Central Tampa Democrats (which I am working to organize with Phil Compton) and the Democratic Professionals Council are just a few of the groups that are successfully recruiting volunteers and growing our party and our presence in Hillsborough County. These groups are each giving us a vision for how we can grow the HCDEC for the future. We need to maintain and strengthen our bonds with each of these groups. Our time is now!

In this 2008 election, we have several excellent and inspired candidates to promote. The HCDEC now has great tools at our disposal including the VAN file, our cell phones and our computers to use to reconnect, organize and energize Democrats across our county. With 248,000 registered Democrats in 361 precincts, the HCDEC has an enormous challenge in front of us. We need to recruit hundreds of precinct volunteers to do the work of reaching out in every precinct in this county.

I have been involved in Democratic campaigns in Hillsborough County for more than two decades - contributing money, time and resources to more than 50 campaigns at every level of government. I managed the campaign of State Representative Sara Romeo in 2000. That year District 60 was the only Republican house seat to become a Democratic seat in the state of Florida. I also managed Sara Romeo's legislative office as well as the office of County Commissioner Kathy Castor.

As a public radio news director and reporter for almost two decades, I produced and anchored an award-winning daily report. I am a lawyer and practiced family law at Bay Area Legal Services and have done pro bono cases for the ACLU. As the executive director of the Humanists of Florida, I am working to organize on progressive issues statewide. I have served for several years as a member and the President of Tampa Crossroads, an alternative residential and counseling program for men and women.

As a founder of the Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association, I organized and served as President of this longstanding and successful neighborhood association. Last month, the Tampa Tribune featured an op-ed article I wrote advocating the two-waying of Florida Avenue and Tampa Street to remedy urban blight and spur economic development. My husband, Randy Wynne, is the Program Director of WMNF radio. I have two teenagers. I grew up in a union family and my father was an IBEW local president. Three of my four brothers are union electricians.

Recently I was called by several people who wanted vote-by-mail ballot request forms to provide to registered voters as they were walking districts. When I realized no one else was providing these forms, I designed a form, had it approved by the Supervisor's office and emailed it out. I also volunteered my time to research and write the 7-Single Member District Charter Amendment.

The HCDEC is poised for tremendous growth, but we need to be able to seize our time. We need to open our doors wide. There are many Democrats who want to become part of our new Democratic future. With your help, we can get organized and prepare ourselves for the many challenges ahead. If we kick open our doors and build an inclusive framework for the future, they will come!

Thank you for the work you already do as a member of the HCDEC. To borrow a one of my favorite quotes from Don Moffett's email:

"We are the ones we have been waiting for" - Paul Wellstone

Your votes for me on January 22nd will make a difference! I hope I can count on your support.

Pat Kemp

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izdaman said...

Good Luck Patricia. As you know many folks in the HCDEC are disinfrancished as I was at one time. I was interested in running for a position as well, and inquired about regaining my membership was told flatly NO by the credentials committeewoman Chair. I guess I will have to take a back seat again and see how things fall at the meeting. I will attend to see how everything goes, but I imagine it will not be good as they have in the past when controversy erupts within the party. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and we will get folks in office who want to truely lead and not have personal agendas, as Jennae did. Please keep in mind that the entire State of Florida is watching and reporters will be there to. Anything that is said can be published so hopefully everyone will chose their words carefully.