Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hillsborough County Deserves Better Commission Leadership Than Brian Blair, Jim Norman, Ken Hagan Provide

As pointed out at 'Building Florida's DECs' in the post, "Let's Focus on Republicans in County Commissions, " Hillsborough's County Commission represents 1.15 million people. That is more than Wyoming (515,004) or Montana (944,632).

Yet, the leadership of the County is driven by sports, toll booths, nickel-and-diming the infrastructure as the St. Petersburg Times points out:
Last week's decision by commissioners to scuttle an earlier attempt to kill local rules protecting wetlands symbolized how they wing it on major policy decisions. Four of the seven members - Brian Blair, Jim Norman, Kevin White and Ken Hagan - reversed their votes in the face of heavy criticism. But political expediency routinely is the driving force for the commission instead of any long-term vision.

Voters weren't fooled by the vote into thinking that Blair, Norman, Hagan or White had finally done the right thing. As Mariella noted at 'Sticks of Fire': "It was clear that a vote to eliminate the epc wetlands division would have been political suicide.

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