Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Al Higginbotham [R-Hillsborough Commissioner] Pays No Attention to Wife's Business

"To tell you that I know anything about her daily business operations, I don't, " he said. "I can't even tell you where the homes are she's building."

Al Higginbotham [R-Hillsborough Commissioner] has urged his colleagues on the Hillsborough County Commission to oppose a crackdown on trash haulers who are not authorized to remove demolition debris from construction sites. Higginbotham spoke against the push at a commission meeting last month after receiving a letter from "a fellow here by the name of Don Johnson" who said he was about to be put out of business. Johnson owns a company called Johnson's Excavation & Services Inc. out of Plant City. The company does debris-removal work for home builder Archive Properties Inc., a firm owned by Higginbotham's wife.

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