Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Public Service Commission Votes Against Coal-Fired Plant near Moore Haven

Global warming concerns helped persuade the state Public Service Commission on Tuesday to reject a plan by Florida's largest utility to build a $5.7-billion coal-fired power plant near Everglades National Park.

The denial marks the first time global warming has ever played a role in a PSC decision, and the first time in 15 years the state regulatory agency that oversees utilities has rejected a new power plant.

Gov. Charlie Crist had questioned the plant's location, the National Park Service had raised concerns about air pollution and environmental groups had argued it would increase greenhouse gases at a time when the nation is trying to combat global warming.

What persuaded the Public Service Commission to vote 4-0 against Florida Power & Light was the potential cost to the utility's customers -- including the cost of cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

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