Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Adam Putnam (FL-R)- Endorses Fred Thompson, POPULIST POSEUR

FL Represenative Adam Putnam (R)- endorses Fred Thompson following the example of George P. Bush (Jeb Bush's son). The only reason anyone reports who George P. Bush endorses is because he is George Bush's nephew and Jeb Bush's son. George P. just joined the naval reserve. Maybe he thought Fred was a fellow navy man because Fred played one in the movies.

Fred will play the populist as explained by Noam Scheiber:

If ever there were a millionaire who could persuade voters of his regular-guy bona fides, it would be the man who, in The Hunt for Red October, lectured Alec Baldwin that "the Russians don't take a dump ... without a plan." But Thompson is hardly the only Republican to have ridden phony populism to elective office. In 2003, Haley Barbour, perhaps the most accomplished Washington lobbyist of his generation, pig-in-a-poked and dog-won't-hunted his way to the Mississippi governor's mansion. (One of Barbour's signature tricks was to have himself paged at Ole Miss football games.) And, of course, a certain Yale-educated Northeastern Brahmin reinvented himself as a brush-clearing country boy en route to winning the White House in 2000. These days, phony populists win with such regularity that you've got to look beyond any particular candidate to find an explanation.

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