Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Christine Jennings Continues Fight for Truth in FL-13 in Spite of Florida Court

Christine Jennings contends electronic voting machine errors are to blame for 18,000 ballots Christine being recorded without a congressional choice in Florida's 13th Congressionsl district.

A House committee task force and the Government Accountability Office, Congress' investigative arm, continue to explore Jennings' claims. The GAO is scheduled to give an update on its investigation in late July.

A 1st District Court of Appeals panel declined to hear Jennings' appeal of a lower court ruling denying her access to the code on June 18.

The GAO will scrutinize equipment used in Sarasota County, Fla.

And do not let the Republicans shout down truth...see what Jennings has done for democracy:

Sarasota Herald-Tribune Editorial: VOTING PAPER TRAIL: One victory to celebrate
Sunday, May 13, 2007

By Waldo Proffitt

Before war and mass shootings and poisoned drugs and other cataclysms consume our total attention, let us take a few minutes to enjoy one not-so-small victory in the eternal struggle to preserve our freedoms and the not-so-small roles played by two strong-willed women from Sarasota County. The women are Kindra Muntz and Christine Jennings.

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gatordem said...

For Christine Jennings, and for all of us, the fight goes on. This decision by the court shows how wise Christine was to not place her total faith in the so called "Florida justice system".

If this were a commercial case, most any judge would have long ago granted the plaintiff the controlled right to examine this source code. This would have been done in a manner that protects the propietory interests of the respondent. It happens every day throughout the country in commercial litigation cases.

But because this case involves the state government and an election machine vendor, the court has denied Jennings the tools that would have been speedily given to a commercial litigant.

So this issue will be rightly decided where it should have been all along. After all, the US Constitution makes the House of Represetnatives the "sole judge" of their elections.

BTW, this post showed up in my Google News alert for "Florida Democrat". Congrats.