Thursday, May 17, 2007

Weldon [R] Welshes on Term Limits Promise

Dave Weldon {R} announced this week he'll ask voters in Indian River County and the rest of his district to send him back to Washington next year.
Weldon, R-Indialantic, is seeking his eighth term as District 15th representative.
Smashed Frog reminds Weldon of his TERM LIMITS PLEDGE.

From Polk County Bill Rufty blogs over at The Ledger:

Term Limits? What Term Limits?

Five years after the deadline he had set for himself to leave Congress, U.S. Rep Dave Weldon, R-Indialantic, announced Wednesday that he will run again for another two-year term.
Weldon, whose 15th Congressional District includes just a sliver of Northeast Polk County, had said when he first ran in 1994 that he would limit himself to just eight years in the House.


kevin said...

We need to get Weldon out and the Indian River Young Democrats are going to help enforce "Term Limits" on Do nothing Dave.

Sinfonian said...

I can't Trackback here, but I thought I'd let you know that I tipped my hat to you over at my place, and expanded on it some.

Cheers! :)