Sunday, May 13, 2007

"Podunk Town" Remarks Ends Ft.Meade City Manager Tenure

Fort Meade City Manager Katrina Powell Is Fired

“The ‘ayes' have it,” and with the bang of the gavel, Mayor Rick Cochrane declared the Fort Meade City Commission's unanimous decision to terminate Katrina Powell as city manager, effective immediately.
..sounds like a strange meeting. Comments made:
Ms. Powell gave her explanation regarding the locked door upstairs leading into the administrative offices.
“There was a door installed after a huge man, who is not from Fort Meade, came up stairs, during a lunch hour, while I was alone, not a soul up there - and let me also state that there's nothing but women up there - a huge man came into my office, while I was facing the computer, knelt beside me and said ‘You're the most beautiful woman in all the earth,'” Ms. Powell said.

Rev. P.C. Cornelius suggested that the dismissal might have been a result of Ms. Powell's holding her first community meeting in a predominantly black neighborhood.

Reports of Ms. Powell's disparaging remarks about Fort Meade residents and lifestyle to people in other cities was cited as another factor in the dismissal.
“She referred to Fort Meade as a ‘Podunk' town,” Mrs. Bell said.

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