Sunday, May 27, 2007

Key West Hits Domestic Partner Milestone

It's Gay Days in Orlando and as reported in the Keynoter:
Key West hits a milestone:

The 100th couple to register for domestic partnership in Key West took their oaths in front of City Clerk Cheri Smith Thursday morning.
“This is a big deal,” City Clerk Smith said. “We were so happy when they came through our door this morning. This is a milestone for the entire city.”
John Darryl Ennis and Ronald Jay Yates officially became domestic partners after having been together as a couple for more than 16 years.
They are the 100th couple to register with the city since Key West adopted its Domestic Partnership ordinance in February 1998. The first couple registered that March.
Ennis and Yates paid the $50 administrative fee to be officially recognized by city government as a domestic couple.
The city's Domestic Partnership Ordinance was created in “to recognize the change in family demographics in the United States and in Key West.” It establishes “a procedure that formalizes domestic partnerships, entitling partners to the same or similar benefits of married spouses.”

Meanwhile Hillsborough County carries on its spiteful Gay Pride ban.

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