Sunday, May 27, 2007

Jim Greer & GOP Ladies in Smack-Down

---this is another case of bossy southern white guys telling "their" women to drop the attitude and do what they are told. truly intelligent women wouldn't put up with this crap.

The "Buzz" reports:
"RPOF Generalissimo Greer flexes muscle, sparks fight"***

Republican Party of Florida Chair, Jim Greer is insisting all Network Clubs must apply for permission to operate as Republican clubs and could be stripped of the right to use "Republican" in their title without permission from local party officials.
FRNW President Anne Voss of Tampa and National RWN President Judith Albertelli said in an e-mail they will "stand on principle" and continue to use the name "Republican" while maintaining independence from the party structure. "Anyone threatening to silence us should understand that we will not acquiesce to intimidation or unfair treatment."

THEN in the comments the games begin!
[They even invokde Karl Rove as the high-holy poo-bah who will right perceived slights].

*Count the walkers in the room - the average age has got to be 95.
*And what exactly did they do with almost $80,000.00 that was in the FFRW's bank account?
*Voss surely has her hands full. She recently became chair of the Tampa bay Romney effort and now is now sending strongly worded emails about the RPOF chair . . .
*Anyone threatening to silence us should understand that we will not acquiesce to intimidation or unfair treatment.This is not 1907- we will not settle for second class status in our Republican Party, the party of Lincoln and Reagan.
*And I guess Carole Jean Jordan leaked this story to the St. Pete just like she aired the Federation's dirty laundry all over the country by calling Jeb, Mel Martinez and even Karl Rove about this nonsense.
*let us rise above the accusations, ugly comments etc and begin to join hands as we strive to be VICTORIOUS.
*one of the expenses paid for with Federation money 3,195.00 to the law firm of ALBERTELLI & HALSEMA, P.L.. Hmmmm Is that Judith's lawyer-son working for you against the Federation with its own money?
*Bet Charlie comes to the rescue of the Women's clubs and has Greer back down.
*Most, not all, but most of you don't do ANYTHING. You're worthless, yet you act as if you're St. Peter gaurding the gate the way you try to shake down campaigns and talk like people should kiss your oversized and overperfumed fannies.
*It is always a pity when groups become more enamored with screwing each other rather than work to get Republicans elected.
***"RPOF's Greer flexes muscle, sparks fight" is the revised Subject of this post. Sometime on the night of May 28 the title was changed.

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