Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bill Bunkley: No Social Conservatives in GOP Race

Last night was the Florida Family Policy Council annual gala dinner. The council is a state group affiliated with James Dobson's national Family Policy Council. Republicans Mike Huckabee and Sam Brownback addressed the Council Saturday night.

Mel Martinez who also serves as the Republican National Committee general chairman said, "I am completely blown away by the two men we heard tonight,"

"There has just not been a real, clear-cut social conservative" in the field, said Bill Bunkley, a Hillsborough County lobbyist and religious conservative activist. "These two, out of that field, have been vocal and have a solid track record of social conservative philosophy."[Bunkley is host of Drive Time with Bill Bunkley heard exclusively on Tampa Bay Christian Talk radio. He is Legislative/Governmental Affairs Consultant to the Florida Baptist Convention.]

Terry Kemple, head of the Community Issues Council in Hillsborough County, a group that is against Gay Marriage, said the three top candidates - Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney - "all have at best a mixed history" on social issues.

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