Thursday, July 7, 2011

After five years — Troeger finally got his ball.

After five years, Tampa Bay Rays fan Charlie Troeger finally gets a ball from Tom Foley.

ST. PETERSBURG — "Hey Foley, get me the ball!"

Rays third base coach Tom Foley hears fans yell that all the time. It's an occupational hazard in his spot in a box about 15 yards from the stands. Some ask for baseballs that were fouled off in his direction. Others just say foul things....

That changed June 24 in Houston. Troeger, who was in town to see his brother, attended the Rays-Astros game. He went by the Rays dugout and saw infielder Elliot Johnson.

"Hey, 'Where's Foley?' "

Soon Foley appeared. "Hey Foley! Get me the ball!"

Foley flashed a big smile, reached into his pocket and handed Troeger a ball.

"There, you got it!"

Foley came back later and signed it, with the phrase, "I got the ball!"


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