Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton Carrying the Hopes and Dreams of Millions of Women

She was carrying the hopes and dreams of millions of women who saw her as a trailblazer, the woman with the best chance ever to become president.

Hillary Cliinton was never a candidate who ran for president just because it’s the presidency. She thought about winning in terms of the things she could accomplish, and she never forgot the women’s issues she had championed all her life — repair of the social safety net, children’s rights, support for working mothers.

"First But Not the Last: Women Who Ran for President" highlights the campaigns of twelve women who announced their intention to contend for America’s top office. Each attempt created a stepping stone for those who followed. Representative Patricia Schroeder and one-time presidential candidate said many years ago that more women would run for office if they only knew their history and could make realistic use of these stepping stones. It is the hope of National Women's History Museum leadership that this exhibit will inspire a truly democratic future, one in which every girl can grow up aspiring to be president.

Bob Hepburn writing from Toronto observes:

In the aftermath of Hillary's campaign, the challenge both in the U.S. and Canada is to find ways to combat sexism, possibly through education programs or, as in Hillary's case, by having experienced women run strong campaigns that change the course of politics.

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Sunny said...

Pat never had the machine behind her that Hillary did.

When historians discuss Hillary's run for the Presidency, I'm quite certain the money and connections will be discovered as what truly propelled this particular woman to the forefront.

Also her chameleon-like ability to bend the rules as what worked best for her will be microscoped.

A woman will be President of this county...just not this one.