Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Hillary! Hillary Clinton, la proxima y segura presidenta."

It's get-out-the-vote like we haven't seen in the States, as the campaign now tells us the entourage has swelled from the dozen cars that gathered in Cataño to nearly 300 going through the outskirts of San Juan.

"This is a very traditional way of campaigning in Puerto Rico," said Kenneth McClintock, president of the Puerto Rico Senate and a co-chair of Clinton's campaign here. "We know it's not done in the states. But Hillary is learning to campaign borriqua-style."

In front is a pickup truck outfitted with several very loud loudspeakers, playing a rotation of a half dozen songs, including one by Ricky Martin and another original number that makes the case for the New York senator to a reggaeton beat. A woman also repeatedly announcing, "Aqui está la grande caravana" coming through the neighborhood for "Hillary! Hillary Clinton, la proxima y segura presidenta." She also urges voters to get out tomorrow.

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