Thursday, March 13, 2008

Buddy Johnson (R), Hillsborough Elections Supervisor, Seeks $12K Tax Break

SPTimes reports: Last year, Hillsborough County elections chief
Buddy Johnson borrowed almost $1-million
to buy an oak-shrouded tract off Thonotosassa Road near Plant City. Now, Johnson is seeking a lucrative agricultural tax exemption on the property that could reduce the assessed value of the land from $614,428 to $5,855. If the "greenbelt" exemption is granted, his estimated property tax bill could be lowered from $12,626 to $120....
Johnson would not agree to be interviewed about his greenbelt applications. He said he would only answer questions submitted in writing. But when the St. Petersburg Times posed written questions, Johnson declined to answer any of them.

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gecko1 said...

budy still has a right as a private citizen, which county officials still are. (its not like federal employee requiremetns for instnace although probably arguably an equalivalent weighting, then make it a federal pay scale position, or its not an elected post.
About the property, hes keeping an oak barrier for the area, which is admirable, if you know anything about wind and farming.
The front might be compromised as being a sliver greenspace as for a farmer market stand for a preagreed number of years, and the cows and udder effluents have to watch the water table if its well.
A little math and I did take classes in property appraisemnet surveying (NV), as well as community college level in CA (far more stringent in city planing and rural infringemnet), for urban plannign in construction site management and easement considerations. biddy biddy, I say it flies on a few conditionals, of course, enter the loan phase of the property development delimits th brerakover time period to the federal tax easement, per federally citable case property law, reference case law and conditionals of arb to rural housing development in brentwood california circa 2005.

Period, I won. weep on sinner.