Friday, February 29, 2008

Jeb Bush's Buzzards Coming Home to Roost

Howard Harris writes in the Tampa Tribune, "Restore Tax Cuts."
Bush gave Floridians what he told us we wanted - smaller government and tax cuts. Bush turned about 10,000 well-paying civil service positions into lower-paying private-enterprise positions. Floridians now know that those privatized enterprises turned out to cost more than if those responsibilities had remained in the public sector.

Dr. Alvin Wolfe, Chair of the Hillsborough Democratic Executive Committee's Platform and Issues Committee states:
Harris calls for restoring the taxes that the Republicans cut for the wealthy. I find his letter relates to our Hillsborough County Demcratic Principles , especially 6 through 13.

6) …That economic strength is based on fair treatment of every American citizen and that American entrepreneurial spirit is founded on the principle of fair play for all.

7) …That our communities need to grow within the bounds of a healthy, well-planned infrastructure – roads, utilities, and schools.

8) …That every American has the right to safe, affordable, and available health care.

9) …That the environment is tied to public health and that both are immediate and serious concerns for our communities and are in our economic interest.

10) …That a strong public education is an essential element of democracy.

11) …That public service is honorable and those who serve or have served as firefighters, police, soldiers, teachers, and civil servants deserve our respect and gratitude.

12) …That honor and integrity are hallmarks of effective public service.

13) …That all employees have the right to organize and to negotiate with their employers through the workers' elected union representatives.

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