Monday, January 21, 2008

Jeb! Bush - Shtick To Keep His Mug In The Public Eye: "Foundation For Excellence in Education" is Simply about Jeb!

Daniel Ruth's latest column on Jeb! is awfully funny.
Nothing helps a stalled public trough career more than setting up some sham foundation masquerading as a political machine, which allows the exiled philosopher king to sit around rubbing his chin until the first viable election cycle becomes available.
When Gov. Jeb Bush left office a year ago, Florida public schools ranked somewhere between the Bermuda Triangle and Petticoat Junction.
And now Jeb! thinks getting a bunch of right-wing ideologues together to rue what a lousy job he did in the first place is going to make things better?!?!? Cue the "Rut-Ro."
But this really isn't about schools, or students, or teachers, or "excellence." It is simply all about Jeb! It always is.

photo: (Jeb!Bush with loyal GOP members Katherine Harris and Adam Putnam [FL-12]).

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