Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hillary Clinton Wins Florida Dem. Primary With More Votes Than All Earlier States Combined

''I am convinced that with this resounding vote, with the millions of Americans who will vote next Tuesday, we will send a clear message that America is back and we will take charge of our destiny once again.''


No campaigns? No delegates? No problem. Florida Democrats prove America is ready for change

ORLANDO - Florida Democrats today surpassed the total combined vote in the first four "early states", topped the total population of New Hampshire, shattered the previous state record for turnout in a Democratic Presidential Primary, and even broke the previous record for turnout in ANY Democratic primary in Florida.

Incredibly, Democratic turnout has exceeded 1,708,489 voters with 97% of precincts reporting - only 195,074 less than Florida Republicans whose turnout was relatively dismal, considering five multi-million dollar GOP presidential campaigns were working the state for months. Republicans appear to have even failed to meet their own expected turnout, which was rumored to be between 2.2 and 2.5 million.

"Florida Democrats have spoken, and they are being heard loud and clear. More than one and a half million Democratic voters went to the polls and made a powerful collective statement,'" Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen L. Thurman said. "The nation's largest battleground state proved today that America wants change. Democrats clearly have the momentum in Florida and across this country. No matter the challenges we face, Florida Democrats will deliver for this country in November just like they did today. This is an incredible night for the people of Florida!"

Florida Democratic Presidential Preference Primary Turnout: 1,708,489

Population of New Hampshire according to 2007 US Census Projections: 1,315,828

1988 State of Florida record for Democratic Presidential Primary Turnout: 1,273,338

Combined 2008 turnout of the 4 early states (IA, NH, NV, SC) - 1,174,227 voters

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