Wednesday, January 2, 2008

HCDEC Leadership Changes

From Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee, Acting Chairwoman, Rose Marie Varas.

December 30, 2007.
Dear HCDEC Members,

It is with great sadness that I write this letter, however as you have heard by now your local HCDEC is facing a few challenges.

Information on the resignation and rescinding of same by our Treasurer Thomas Squires on December 22, 2007 has obviously been circulated, so I know that all of you are aware of the circumstances. This issue has been further complicated by the resignation of the Chair Michael Suarez on December 27th and Vice Chair Deborah Cope on December 24th. They each seem to have their individual reasons. I'm sure many have gone to the By-Laws by now to see what is and isn't correct procedures. As you will see I (Secretary of HCDEC) am the next in the chain of command. In lieu of this at the present time I am acting Chair until we have our election. I have called an emergency Steering
Committee Meeting, to address these resignations, this is prior to our HCDEC meeting on January 22nd at the Children's Board at 6:30 PM. I (Rose Marie Varas), Monroe Mack and Diane Hart are at present the only locally elected officials. This puts the three of us in a position of having to keep the HCDEC running smoothly, we plan to do just that, by having a plan in place (which we do). As acting Chairwoman I would urge you to behave with dignity and respect to all parties involved. Remember anyone we disrespect in our HCDEC is like disrespecting ourselves. We must hold the dignity and integrity of the Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee in the highest regard. We will prevail when others fail if we remain united not divided. Our present challenges are our new found strengths!! If you have any questions please contact me at:

Respectfully Yours,
Rose Marie Varas (Acting Chairwoman)
Monore Mack (State Committeeman)
Diane Hart (State Committeewoman)

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