Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Al Higginbotham and his Taxpayer-funded Campaign Commercial [Hillsborough BOCC] with Debbie Cox-Roush Promoting GOP Extras

Al Higginbotham [R-Hillsborough County commissioner] filmed a holiday greeting to air on the county's government television station. Unlike other commissioners, REPUBLICAN Higginbotham had a county employee travel across his east county district Monday, filming him and his constituents expressing warm wishes.
Friend of Al, Debbie Cox Roush [President, Fishhawk Republican ClubCo-Chair Hillsborough County Coalition for Women, Mitt Romney for President Event Chair HCRP] was casting director for Commissioner Higginbotham.

Mariella Smith at Sticks of Fire asks:
How do you, as a taxpayer, feel about your commissioner spending your taxes to film himself wishing you a happy Holiday? In an election year?

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