Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Who Does this Chick Think She Is?"-- Hillsborough County School Board Shakes Off Complacency

The long-time complacency of the Hillsborough School Board has been challenged by new-comers asking difficult questions and calls for sunshine.

MARILYN BROWN of the Tampa Tribune reports:
"After a heated discussion on consultant contracts, board member Susan Valdes said she considered herself scolded by Carol Kurdell, a board member for 15 years.
"I said, 'Wait a minute - who does this chick think she is?'" Valdes said.
Valdes, on the board since 2004, and her close friend, Griffin, elected a year ago, have changed the board's chemistry, challenging everything from the way the board works to personnel recommendations."

School Board website.

Lee De Cesare:
More Web data would be a step in opening up of the school board’s activities to the public which one newspaper editorial recommended.

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