Saturday, November 10, 2007

Commissioner Rose Ferlita for Sunshine in Hillsborough while Brian Blair Whines

"An apology is not in order and a response will not be forthcoming to Commissioner Blair's letter," --Rose Ferlita.
Brian Blair wants an apology from Rose Ferlita, but he's not getting one.

The war of words over how a Hillsborough County commissioner got a coveted seat on the Tampa Port Authority continued on Friday - a day after Ferlita's fellow commissioners ousted her from that position and voted to put Blair in it instead.
Blair wrote in a letter to the other six commissioners that he was "disturbed" by her comments. A "formal apology to all Board members would be appreciated," his letter concluded.

After Thursday's meeting, Ferlita said it appeared as though other commissioners had planned the move ahead of time, in violation of Florida's open meetings law. Blair and the others denied it.


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