Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ex.Sen.Thrasher (GOP) Fights for Developers Against Home-Town Democracy


Just when you thought politics couldn’t go any lower, John Thrasher,former Republican has broken through the bottom. The self proclaimed, “Honorable John Thrasher” has sent an “extremely urgent” letter to many thousands of Florida voters who signed the Florida Hometown Democracy petition.

Mr. Thrasher’s letter includes a petition revocation form that allows voters to revoke their FHD petition.

And why is Mr. Thrasher so desperate? Easy. He and two other paid lobbyists from Associated Industries of Florida, (AIF) Barney Bishop and Al Cardenas, have formed a political action committee called Save Our Constitution (SOC) which is sponsoring the revocation campaign to keep FHD off the ballot. AIF claims to be “the voice of Florida business.”

[Check out AIF’s website here]

Mr. Thrasher’s letter is a paid political ad from SOC.

John Thrasher," a former Republican House speaker writes on behalf of a group called "Save Our Constitution," his pitch is that Hometown Democracy is the work of "big developers," when they are the actually targets of the initiative.Thrasher's letter blasts Hometown Democracy as "deceptive," tricking voters into signing something that will cause higher taxes and utility bills while ruining Florida's "scenic beauty."It's certainly worth debating whether Hometown Democracy will have a devastating effect on Florida's economy. But it's not pushed by "big developers."

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