Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hillsborough County's Anti-Environment Commissioners Back Down in Face of Public Opinion

"It was insulting for them to sit up there and lecture us with that B.S."
--Marcella Osteen, an activist from Balm.

Thanks first to Commissioners Rose Ferlita, Mark Sharpe and Al Higginbotham who voted in favor of the wetlands without intense public outcry. They knew it was the responsible thing to do.

8/16/07. The Hillsborough County Commission voted unanimously to keep the Environmental Protection Commission wetlands division, with a streamlined permitting process aimed at satisfying complaints from developers.
Environmentalists were outraged at Commission Norman's comments, accusing him and Commissioner Brian Blair [R] of wanting to kill the agency outright, then reconsidering their votes in the face of withering opposition from the public.

Ruth on Blair.
The EPC vote has become a major issue in Democrat Kevin Beckner’s campaign to unseat Blair.

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Susan S said...

I was at the meeting and here's my take.

Jim Norman threw Dr. Garrity under the bus. I would have quit if I had been Garrity. Norman tried to cast all of the blame on him for the problems with the EPC. Of course, only the developers think there is a problem with the EPC! One of the speakers asked Norman, since he was the senior commissioner on the EPC having served for ten years, why he hadn't done something about it sooner if he thought there were problems. It was quite comical to see White and Norman try to spin the whole thing. Blair was just a smiling, stumbling buffoon, as usual.