Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Larry Ringers, BFF to Lt. Governor Kottkamp, Censors FPC Site

Lt. Governor Kottkamp's best friend [BFF] chief of staff, Larry Ringers, best man at Kottkamp's wedding, censored links and information from the FPC wiki entry on Kottkamp.

Ringers clearly violated the “common sense dictates” spelled out in the state’s computer/network usage policy. He also violated the trust of the community, when he chose to censor information, rather than contributing. Worse, by using the state’s resources to erase valid information regarding a serving politician’s history, Ringers action sets a very dangerous precedent

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Kenneth said...

To be fair, we don't know if Ringers did this, we just know it came from his computer. According to one anonymous commenter at The Buzz blog, this was probably FPC members who broke into the Lt. Governor's office and used that computer to make the edit in an elaborate plan to raise our own profile and defame the Lt. Governor. Seriously.