Friday, June 1, 2007

I thought Jeb was supposed to be the smart Bush.

TampaBay Democrat is pro-immigration but anti-guest worker program. The issue is complex and we need to open our borders to people who, face it, once lived on the land we are keeping them from with that little Texas war back in the mid-1850s. That aside, it is fine to see that the National Review isn't getting it that Jeb & Ken are trying to increase Latino voting by supporting the tepid senate version. Here is Frum questioning Jeb Bush and Ken Mehlman.


David Frum notes that "the immigration debate is having another catastrophic effect for the president and the GOP, by reminding everyone of other problems and failures long left undiscussed.

One of his readers writes:

I'm just floored by this statement in the Jeb Bush/Ken Mehlman op-ed: "The bill provides real border security for the first time, protecting us against the entry of terrorists and stemming the flow of illegal drugs." For the first time? It's been how long since 9/11? How long since Bush's first inauguration? How long did he have working majorities in both houses? ...
I thought Jeb was supposed to be the smart Bush.

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