Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hillsborough Dems Getting it Together Under Mike Suarez

Wayne Garcia writes on the leadership of Mike Suarez, chair of the Hillsborough DEC: Dems on the mend: Hillsborough Democrats forgo their feuding ways, hope for modest gains.

"I've reached out to as many people as possible to involve them" in the DEC, Suarez said.

That has meant a lot of time re-convincing Democrats who gave up on the organization during the Murphy years. There remain important Democrats who aren't re-engaged in the local committee or who haven't been reached by Suarez. But no one I talked with had anything bad to say about the party's current direction....

Suarez said his goals are very modest: to get the DEC to put aside all matters except those that directly contribute to winning elections. To win one countywide campaign. And to be competitive in one House race.

Baby steps, for sure. But at least, Suarez hopes, the group is headed in the right direction.

Now how about updating that website,please?

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