Sunday, June 3, 2007

Big Republican Donor Bilks 1800 People out of $78 Million, But Once Given Keys to Orlando by Glenda Hood (R)

Lou Pearlman owes money to about 1,800 investors primarily from Florida and New York, including cousins and childhood friends. Nearly 800 are from the Tampa Bay area, out a collective $78-million. He contributed to Republican politicians and organizations notably RICHARD A KELLER [R-8]; NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE (R); NATIONAL REPUBLICAN SENATORIAL COMMITTEE (R);NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE CONTRIBUTIONS.
Daisy Lynum (R,Orlando City Council) and former Republican mayor, Glenda Hood, gave him keys to the city.

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Frank said...

It has taken me a great deal of time, but my evidence is conclusive and I will be able to release it publicly very soon.

The source of the new generation of spam for marketing is the proliferation of Ayman Ahmed El-Difrawi aka Alec Defrawy aka son of Rafiah Kashmiri and Ahmed El-Defrawi, physicist and the great hero/brain trust of USI Quarterback Operations.

We need to tell the government that they cannot trade ALEC's immunity for his crimes just because they want to keep his father happy and raping the American public via clandestine Egyptian - American combined intelligence operations.

Perhaps the worst example is the recent botched snatch of "Omar" in Milan. The CIA blew their own cover by using their personal credit cards, frequent flier mileage cards, and personal cell phones. (I guess they don't teach tradecraft at the "Farm" anymore.)

Alec and his people are now the biggest threat to privacy in the world. Alec has amassed your credit card numbers, personal data and email addresses. Most of those phishing emails you get are originated from the King of Phish, Alec Defrawy and his lackeys, Joe Gomez, Ed Bell (son of a CIA case officer), Jason Hoffman, former agent of the Embassy of Israel-contemporary of Golan Cipal, Armand Kulpa, Terri Bears Nix (Hey, does anyone know... the new USA Network series "Burn Notice" is written by Mike Nix. Is he related to or *shudder* married to Terri Bears Nix?), and several other, all assisted by the likes of the unethical attorney, Robert H. Cooper, and his confederates.

All of them have been working for Pearlman and coordinating their scams. [Alec and Armand maintained virtual offices at Pearlman's offices at least through 2005.]

Here's another bombshell. Alec has hired the services of QED Media and their illegal Search Engine Optimization operations (they remove all reference to him in Google for instance and even change content in other's websites). If you have been a victim of this, it should be reported. Go to the Google webmaster's site and fill out a form.

Tell the FCC, FBI and the Secret Service. It may do no good because they have been made aware since 2002. Keep up the pressure and if there is enough push from the public they will need to do something.

Alec has the combined money from his parents, Pearlman, Cort Randell, Michael Joel Zwebner (Robert H. Cooper, Esq.) to join forces with Rob Russo, Bill Stanley, and John Brewington. They lie, cheat, steal, threaten and harass. There has got to be an end and they have taken haven in Florida, and the protection of Charlie Crist and the corrupt Republican Party.

Wake up, People. Do something. It took five years to take down Pearlman and look how many people were hurt. How many more before the real problem is resolved.

Concerned Job Seeker said...

I was able to trace Career Network, Inc. to Alexander Simon through a fake employer interest that I did after bogus emails from a job application I made to a posting on craigslist. Alexander Simon seems to be Alex Simon of Kids Talent Network.

I wanted more proof that Defrawi is possible behind Career Network, so I found him using his own name signing up to law student school boards and truck driving boards, and the blog conversations get around to job seek and he says I know a place.

When I looked up the memeber list a company, not a person is also there on all of these school student boards, called "Career Network, Inc." One had a link, and it was to the same website I was directed to from the fake job I applied to. Gotcha!

I saw one posting about Defrawi masquerading as oscarthegrouch avator on Yahoo Answers, posting fake 'good' recommendations. It has to be him or an affiliate as this is the one and only good thing said about Career Network ever, and only the bogus avatars answering saying they got a job through them. Interesting.

I tried posting a question then received tons of why are you complaining, and all kinds of bogus avatars recommending the company. My first question got taken down by Yahoo and "I" got threatened with losing my email accounts by Yahoo for not posting, but it actually came from somone posting me as an abuser, yeah right. Couldn't believe that one, because it wasn't in the form of a question and I asked if anyone else thought that Defrawi was behind Career Network.

So, my next question just asked if anyone had similar deals with Career Network or problems, very simply. I was again blasted by tons of avatars about no wonder I'm not working, etc. etc. Very odd answers for legitimate Yahoo answer folks. I can only assume again that it was the bogus Defrawi avatars. But, my question did remain, and one person did agreew with me with similar experieince of posting all of their referenc info and no jobs.

I did find that Career Network is no longer advertising for sales reps on Yahoo Hot Jobs, so maybe the complaints finally helped that. I feel the reps that call may be innocent victims as well, since they work out of their house, but not sure.

I hadn't seen definate evidence that Defrawi is behind Career Network, or about these school member boards (mostly on the East Coast state, and he couldn't live in more than 1 state at a time, and gee be a law student and a truck drive at the same time). I'm surprise he's using his real name, but after reading about him, I feel he is a very dangerous man, and possibley dillusional and have some mental issues. My ex was manic-depressive with slight sschizophrenia, and the get dellusions of grandeur thinking they are the king of the world and can't be touched.

I sincerely hope all consumers and job seekers just keep posting, but more so, don't fall into the scam. If he has no base to pull from, he'll go out of business, hopefully.