Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tampa Talk Host [WFLA] Ignores Science

Dr. Alvin Wolfe, past- chair of the Hillsborough County DEC Legislation Committee continues as a brave and lucid commentator on the public sphere.
He shares a message sent to Tampa WFLA radio.

This morning [May 25] on WFLA (Fox News, Clear Channel, station) Jack Harris complained that school children in the Tampa Bay Area are being shown Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" without any disclaimer. Jack said "That's not right, because at least half the scientists don't agree with it."

Jack's statement is not true
. In fact one would have to search hard to locate any scientist who disagrees with what is presented in "An Inconvenient Truth. Of course, Fox News and Clear Channel have done that search already.

On WFLA all day long there are these right wing talk show hosts feeding hundreds of thousands of listeners in the Tampa Bay Area false information that can have serious consequences -- Ted Webb, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Schnitt, Sean Hannity, et al. Jack Harris is the least offensive of them all, but even he misperceives the position of the scientific community about global warming.

Alvin W. Wolfe
Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL

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