Wednesday, May 30, 2007

FCAT Acccountability Urged by FCAR

The Florida Coalition for Assessment Reform isn't sitting around waiting for the Department of Education and the Governor's Office to announce publicly how they plan to salve the growing concerns over the FCAT in the wake of recent revelations about test scoring problems. The advocacy group has jumped right in with its own set of recommendations, sent to Gov. Crist and Commissioner Blomberg. Go to FCAR SPEAKOUT for the recommendations.

Meanwhile the media calls for reform: Editorial in the St.Petersburg Times
The casual manner in which Florida education officials acknowledged last week a massive miscalculation of reading test scores is as alarming as the errors themselves.

Opinion in Bradenton Herald.
Bad report card
Flawed test proves need for FCAT reform
FCAT flunked. It should be held back a year for remediation. And state education officials responsible for administering the test should face disciplinary action.

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